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And an art show! You can check out pictures from the art show HERE. It was my first, it went well, but really it drove home to me why I like to draw. I do like to draw, just because I can, but I like drawing because people like looking at my drawings. I re-enjoy my work when I watch people study the little details.

Frankly, when I’m finished with a piece I’m tired of it. I post it, which is getting harder and harder going through the motions now, and put it away. So watching others, it’s given me a breath of freshness I’ve needed. In light of that, I’ve started a bunch of new projects, and I’m determined to finish them all. And I’m giving myself quasi art school assignments, I’ve gotten stuck in a rut and I’m ready to burst out of this joint.

So the first one is a 365 project, about t-shirts. I’ll start posting more once threadless catches up.
My second project, I’ll be getting some mushroom books printed! Nothing fancy, but they’ll be for sale.
The last project I have in mind I’ll announce once I have some work to show for it.

Thanks for checking in!