Mushrooms and Alex Grey

So I have Eat Me up for scoring on threadless, my designs haven’t been doing too well lol but I’ll be posting them up on the site this week some time.

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The best news of all though! I went to a workshop yesterday in Oakland, hosted by MAPS, and who was hosting the workshop? Alex Grey. Thank you so much to my mom and brother for this early birthday present, and my boyfriend Guerin who found out he was coming. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time, and certainly the best art related one ever. We meditated on and drew the chakra points (my first nude study as well) and had a little soul searching discussion on psychedelics 🙂 Everything I could have ever dreamed of.

Check out the sketches I did during the workshop (watercolour, colour pencil, and a regular #2) :