So I’ve been out and about a little bit, roaming the redwoods of Oakland and the hills of Milpitas, watching A LOT of nature documentaries.

Microcosmos check it out! It’s on Netflix too, way better quality.

There’s been a lot of inspiration going on basically, and a lot of commissions, I love the balance. The professional page has been updated with a few new things, and I just got an awesome 11×14 drawing tablet made for inks (so smooth!) so once I get a better scanner I’ll be posting those here. I’m thinking of making a video of one of my drawings too, now that guerin has a fancy camera I can do a lot more cool things. If anyone reads these I’m totally open for suggestions on what you want to see!

And I’m not sure if I mentioned this yet but I’m working on an animation! It’s slow going, maybe a 6 month project I’ve been doing a lot of different stuff at once, but I won’t give up on it! Here’s a little preview:

Talk to you guys soon! Kat