Death and Consequence

So I got kinda delayed in between working on my newest piece, but I’ll give everyone here a sneak preview because I just want to post it already! It’s horrible to say your own art is awesome, but I get so excited every time I draw. I haven’t evolved much from the five-year-old-look-what-I-drew-mommy stage, now it’s just ‘Holy shit! This one’s hella cool.’ You should love what you do though, right?

This picture is going to be part of a gallery I’m planning crudely titled ‘Dead People and Tiny Plants’. I realized as I’ve gotten older, something they probably teach in school is doing finished and complete ‘projects’. A series of pictures with a, usually pretty deep, concept. I admire/stalk a lot of different artists and have come to notice this little trend and I was really impressed, I wanted to push myself a little more. I had a new level to achieve. It wasn’t a series anymore, they were projects and for some reason it was different and it inspired me to do my own. This was maybe a year ago I started noticing, and I’ve been searching since then for my concept. I didn’t want to force anything, but I felt incomplete without having some core message to portray. My art felt empty, meaningless pieces of paper.

A friend I have through art posted a beautiful photo while he was hiking in Tetela del Volcan, in Morelos, Mexico. I was SO incredibly blown away by the different colours of these tiny little stems sticking out, bright reddish-purple. And these adorable little blue-green lily pad looking leaves that just cover the ground, the whole colour of the picture was just so foreign and beautiful. I thought about the plants we have here in the Bay Area, and just how much these tiny little unnoticed plants make up so much of what you see. They add so much to the overall effect of the scenery, they give it the defining colours while also playing a huge part in the ecosystem. In my art, I always say the details make the picture. There’s no way anyone can notice every little thing I put in at one glance, but they add so much to the overall effect to not add them would be a tragedy.

I was on a mission now, I had my ideas and I just needed to formulate them into a message that spoke clearly enough and gave me enough freedom to do my thing. Tiny plants and tiny worlds that everyone walks by every day, a new way to say ‘stop and smell the roses’, this was my main focus now. Stop and smell the roses, then check out the hella cool aphids on the stem (they’re not your roses), and watch the spider on the rose’s stem battle with a bee, then look in the grass and find a white snail shell. The little things. I put a touch of humanity in it (the dead people) to pretty much say: humans aren’t that great for nature. We walk by these plants, trample on them, mow them down, and we never step into their world and see how beautiful it is at ground level. But people still die, and they give back whether they want to our not. This is how I see the circle of life, humans somewhere near the bottom just because we’re so out of tune with the Earth.

Thanks for reading, and anyone inspired by the project: I NEED HELP! I am but one person, and I don’t want to resort to google. Anyone who has this same love that I do and notices the tiny things, I need photos from your world 🙂 All people who’s photos are chosen will receive a free print of their choice from the series. Send all your photos to , and an address if you would like 🙂

EDIT: Check out the finished piece: