Lavender and Lace

I guess every artist gets to that place in their life where they want more. Maybe not, I have.

A piece of paper is no longer satisfactory, it’s almost an insult, to the environment and to myself. I want to make rooms and worlds, I want to help the environment, I want to have my work hanging in another country, I want to watch jellyfish for 10 hours straight and see my pieces made larger than life. I want to be able to survive off my art. So many wants, and my head is still doing somersaults not able to find a place to begin. What is the next step? I’ve circled this plateau five times it feels and still haven’t found the staircase to the mountain. I just keep drawing and learning in hopes my interests and passions will point me down the right paths towards the right people. I don’t think I’ll ever fill this need to create and progress, but I want what I do to have a purpose. I don’t want to waste reams of paper for some silly hobby, I don’t want to look at my art and say ‘That’s not even necessary’. Art will always be necessary for MY peace of mind, but I’m tired of fulfilling a selfish passion with selfish means.

There has to be more.

The Kadet