10458724_841930685819656_4924701759166081073_nKatrina McCollough is a self-taught 24 year old illustrator from the Bay Area. Her personal work has a common thread of nature, introspection and childlike adventure that aim to make people think of the natural world in a different light. For the last five years she has been producing her work commercially and gaining experience through various branding projects for local and international companies. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to discuss commissioning a project, please contact

4 thoughts on “The KADET

  1. Just wandering around your site, saw some old friends..I love the variety – keep it growing. am going to pass it around work.

  2. Im hella impresses. A mutual friend ,Daniel, gave me your card saying I needed to contact you and talk about what I do and you’d be interested. Here it is, what I do. I use recycled skateboards, satellite dishes, or scrap lumber and paint them using home depot odd colors acrylics. It’s a free canvas and cheap paint at .50cent a pint. Afterwards I clear-coat them and if not cracked I give them to kids in the community or display until sold at bulldog cafe( until it was closed) cafe Gabriella and cbcb dispensary in Berkeley. I’d like to chat more about collaborative and independent pieces. Thanks
    Steve l

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